Denver Press Club closes again on governor’s orders as coronavirus cases climb again

The Denver Press Club has been forced to temporarily shut down after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis ordered bars and nightclubs to close because of a steady rise in positive coronavirus cases in the state.

The decision is in effect for at least 30 days.

The Club had opened on Tuesday, June 22, in accordance with city and state guidelines. Staff performed temperature checks and made gloves and masks available, and Club leadership strongly recommended patrons wear masks. A handful of members and patrons had visited during the week-and-a-half the Club was opened.

“We understand the decision the governor made, especially have cases have risen among young adults,” Denver Press Club president Dan Petty said in a statement. “The Club will continue to offer remote events for its members to attend, and we look forward to re-opening once it is safe to do so.”

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