About the Denver Press Club

Our Vision

We build engaged communities by promoting the pursuit of ethical journalism.

Our Mission

The Denver Press Club exists to foster and further the work of the free press, where the honest and open discussion of the issues of the day are encouraged in an environment of respect and dignity, where all members and guests feel welcome.

Who We Are

The Denver Press Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and club that was founded in 1867 to support journalism and journalists in Colorado. As the nation’s oldest press club, there has never been a time when we are needed more to promote and strengthen journalism while educating on issues that protect and encourage an empowered Fourth Estate.

As a community deeply aware that a democracy and society can not freely thrive without the conversations started by those willing to relay the truth, we also know that our greatest strength comes from the community we share. As a result, our building — a part of the National Register of Historic Places — serves as not just the center for our journalistic endeavors, hosting speakers, scholarships, events and workshops, but also as our home for parties and events more akin to Denver’s (and our) raucous past. This includes providing media organizations a place to discuss their work and issues important to journalism.

In order to support our mission, the Club also hosts private events throughout the year for companies, weddings and rehearsal dinners.

We invite you to continue to explore our club, what we do, and would ask that you consider joining our ranks with a membership.

Who are members of the Denver Press Club?

Most likely the answer is someone you know. From governors to students, we are growing group of over 500 members dedicated to journalism and our community. We represent both active and retired media as well as professionals working in politics, public relations, marketing and advertising, education, health care, government, law, lobbying, students and many others. 

Board and Governance

Our board of directors is composed of journalists, communications professionals and community leaders from various news organizations and other firms throughout Denver. Meet our board of directors

Notable Milestones in Press Club History

1867: Denver journalists first meet as “a press club”

1876: Colorado becomes a state

1877: Because of statehood, the Club incorporates as “the Denver Press Club”

1925: Architects Merill H. and Burnham Hoyt design new club

1945: Herndon Davis paints allegorical newsroom on card room walls

1986: Building honored as a Historic Landmark

2017: Building added to the National Register of Historic Places

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