Bar Menu

Denver Press Club fire place



The Denver Press Club is now serving a light fare of bar food. Please allow for 15 minutes for your order to be prepared. Paying members receive a $2 discount on all items. 

Food and snacks



French Fries

Chips & Salsa

Margarita/Pepperoni Pizza

Deluxe Pizza


Hot dog

Eggroll (Veggie/Pork)












Maggie's catering

A sample of appetizers offered by Maggie’s Catering at the Denver Press Club.

Whether it’s the flair of the Mediterranean, the adventure of Africa, or the decadence of dessert, Maggie’s Catering — the Denver Press Club’s in-house caterer — compliments the atmosphere of your next event with a perfect food pairing.

Housed in the Denver Press Club, Maggie’s Catering is owned and operated by Chris—Maggie’s former partner before she moved to Antarctica. Both Maggie and Chris have partnered with the club to give you and your guests a world-class culinary experience. A former talent from Linger, Maggie launched her own catering company only a few years ago, and in doing so has helped transform the catering landscape while winning awards along the way.

We are absolutely thrilled to bring their services to you as well your guests, and selfishly…our own members. Please check out their website and menus here.

Maggie's catering