A word from the president on potential DPC bylaw changes | by: President

Club President David Milstead, provides an explanation of proposed changes to the Denver Press Club's bylaws. 


Potential Bylaw Changes to Be Voted On | by: President

Please read the proposed changes to the Denver Press Club bylaws. Please note these have not yet been debated or moved by the board to the general membership in their current form. 


Advisory: The Denver Press Club At 150: Come Celebrate Our History August 2 | by: Joe Boven

On Wednesday, Aug. 2, join the Denver Press Club as we install a plaque commemorating its entry on the National Register of Historic Places, and commence with a grand celebration marking our 150th Anniversary.
Denver Congresswoman Diana DeGette will be there to read the extension of remarks recognizing the Club’s sesquicentennial, its storied history and the continuing critical role of the Fourth Estate. Her full remarks will officially be presented to the House of Representatives this month.

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