Former Denver Post editor Greg Moore reflects on career at the Denver Post

Former longtime Denver Post editor Greg Moore has been inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2018.

Moore, who stepped down from his post in 2016, recalls that when he was younger, he used to write movie scripts and receive rejection letters. That didn’t stop him for going on to an illustrious career in journalism.

“I got very lucky in my journalism career and worked for some pioneers , male and female, and watching how they exercised power, and how they ran newsrooms and how they interacted and developed people made me want to do that,” Moore said. “I came to value the whole issue of being consistent, and being fair and being ethical in the journalism that I do.”

Former Denver Post publisher and MediaNews Group founder Dean Singleton, who hired Moore from the Boston Globe, said that Moore was a “great spiritual leader.”

“People will follow Greg anywhere, because he’s an emotional leader,” Singleton said. “When Greg is running a newsroom, everybody’s with him.”

Denver Post editor Lee Ann Colacioppo, who succeeded Moore at The Post, said that he constantly pushed his team of editors to be better.

“He always wanted you to reach a little bit higher, whether that was the newspaper, you as an individual, whether it was a story that you thought was perfect but you knew could be a little bit better,” Colacioppo said.

Colorado Public Radio executive editor Kevin Dale, who worked with Moore for years while a sports editor and news director at the Post, also said he felt challenged by Moore — in a good way. “I’ve never felt more challenged as a journalist, but I’ve never felt more appreciated as a journalist,” Dale said.

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Daniel Petty

Daniel Petty

Dan Petty is the president of the Denver Press Club. He has been a board member since 2016. He works as the digital director of audience development for MediaNews Group and previously worked as a digital news and sports editor at the Denver Post for seven years.

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