Foreign journalists visit Denver Press Club

A foreign journalist interviews Denver Press Club member Kevin Jones on video with her cell phone.
A journalist records video of Club member Kevin Jones, left, during a recent visit.

In addition to our Denver Press Club rabble, we were honored to have foreign journalists from 23 countries, sent here by the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Press Center to cover the elections. They mingled with club members and their guests, even interviewing several of us for their publications, most of which are published in their native languages.

“Our group overwhelmingly enjoyed it and the opportunity to meet and network with local journalists,” said Zaida Yousuf, a program manager who helped arrange the group’s visit to the club. “They even took photos in front of the door, since it said Denver Press Club.”

Here’s how one journalist from Bangladesh, Abu Sayeed Asiful Islam, described the night in the Dhaka Tribune:

“…inside a quaint two-story building surrounded by steel and glass high-rises, Denver’s journalists are congregating. The mood here inside the Denver Press Club is gregarious and high-spirited, not just because the premises are served by not one but two bars, but because tonight’s show is universally regarded as the most entertaining – and important – event to take place in recent history.”

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