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About the Club

The Denver Press Club is the nation's oldest press club. Denver journalists met as "a press club" in 1867 and incorporated as "the Denver Press Club" in 1877, a year after Colorado became the 38th state...

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Home to media, public relations, advertising, education and politics. We welcome you to join the Denver Press Club – the nation's oldest press club - which traces to its first organizational meeting to 1867.

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Facilities Rental

The Denver Press Club is the venue of choice for media events, business meetings, wedding receptions and more!

This Week's Events

  • Mystery Writers present "The 'Other'"
    11 Feb

    6:30 p.m. conversation and cash bar, 7 p.m. dinner, 8 p.m. program, the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America present "The 'Other' in Mystery Fiction: A Terror Cell and Muslim Detective," with speaker Ausma Zehanat Khan. 

    Reservation deadline is Monday, Feb. 8. Visit for information and reservations.

Upcoming Events

16 Mar

6:30-8 p.m., Live From the Denver Press Club presents "The Topic of Conversation Radio/Podcast with Rob Scoggins Jr.," who is a Denver Press Club member.  

His guest is Richard Schneider, a long-time Denver writer who has won awards for his journalism script writing and media production. 

He will be talking about his new book, "Vote." Synopsis: A computer billionaire is found dead in his posh Denver home. Cops say it was a suicide. Investigative reporter Vic Bengston disagrees.

Schneider reported and wrote for United Press International and the Rocky Mountain News, and is a former Professional Journalism Fellow in public affairs at Stanford University.

He served as the initial public information officer for the Colorado Office of Energy Conservation before co-founding a Colorado firm that pioneered the development of interactive media systems for training, education, communication and voting. That same partnership provided creative services and communications consulting to many corporate and government clients.

More info:

 This radio program/podcast includes a 30-minute meet-and-greet session, then a one-hour recording of the show -- and you're invited to be part of the audience. 

 No reservations necessary; all are welcome to attend. 

More info:

17 Mar

6:30p.m., the DPC Board of Directors meets. Club members are welcome to attend.

18 Mar

Friday-Sunday, March 18-20, DPC members are welcome to enroll in "The Image, Deconstructed," a three-day immersive photography workshop at CU-Boulder. 

Faculty and staff include photographers who have won awards such as the Pulitzer Prize, National Photographer of the Year, Northern Photographer of the Year, Virginia and North Carolina Photographer of the Year. They have been published in National Geographic Magazine, and major national newspapers and magazines.

Ross Taylor, a visiting professor at CU's College of Media, Communication and Information, runs the workshop. Registration is $225 until Feb. 14, $250 after. Info:, or contact Taylor at


31 Mar

6:30 p.m., the Denver Press Club will hold its annual membership meeting. Come meet the next board of directors and cast a vote for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

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Weekly Tally

  • Members: 382
  • Bank loan: $272,604.74
  • In the bank:$63,541.94
  • Dues billed for FY 2016: 287 invoices for a total of $42,801.50
  • Dues paid so far for FY 2016: 106 for a total of $15,831

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Buffet Dinner Meal Choices This Week

  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: Denver's Best Burger, with seasoned French fries, $8.00.
  • Thursday, Feb. 11: Baked Ziti or Pesto Cream Tortellini, with garlic bread and salad, $12.00.
  • Friday, Feb. 12: Tomato Orzo Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, $10.00.
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