Welcome To the Denver Press Club    

Welcome To the Denver Press Club

The Denver Press Club is the the nation's oldest press club. Denver journalists met as "a press club" in 1867 and incorporated as "the Denver Press Club" in 1877, a…

Facilities Rental    

Facilities Rental

The Denver Press Club is the venue of choice for media events, business meetings, wedding receptions and more!

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Become a Member

Home to media, public relations, advertising, education and politics. We welcome you to join the Denver Press Club – the nation's oldest press club, which traces to its first organizational…

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This Week's Events

Upcoming Events

10 Oct

Friday, Oct. 10, GRIDIRON SHOW. More details to follow.

26 Nov

Wednesday, Nov. 26, WILD TURKEY NIGHT. More details to follow.

05 Dec

Friday, Dec. 5, DPC's annual holiday part. More details to follow.

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Weekly Tally

  • Members: 427
  • Bank loan: $210,100.92
  • In the bank:$17,760.04
  • Dues billed for FY 2014: 296 invoices for a total of $47,510.50
  • Dues paid so far for FY 2014: 186 for a total of $29,072

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Buffet Dinner Meal Choices This Week

  • Wednesday, July 30:
    Burger Night, with fries. Hamburgers, salmon burgers, veggie burgers, $6.00.
  • Thursday, July 31:
    Pasta, peas and shrimp, plus tossed salad, $10.00.
  • Friday, August 1:
    Made-to-order Reuben sandwich, $6.00.
The Denver Press Club
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  • Fridays 7 and 10 p.m.
  • Sundays 8:30 p.m.

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