Ghost Tours

Around Halloween, we here at the Denver Press Club have been known to host “ghost tours” of our building, based on some folks’ idea that 1330 Glenarm Place is haunted.

Believe that if you will. But it’s indisputable there are spirits here — specifically, the spirit of the best journalism in Denver history.

You’re faced with it the moment you walk in our building and enter our Pulitzer Lounge. Nowhere else can you see tributes to every Pulitzer Prize earned by Denver’s last two major papers, The Denver Post and the late Rocky Mountain News. From the cartoons of the Post’s Paul Conrad, to the 2011 award to the Post’s Mike Keefe. The investigative prize won in 1986 for the Post by club member Lou Kilzer. The Rocky’s three photography Pulitzers, including the 2006 award to Todd Heisler that accompanied Jim Sheeler’s “Final Salute,” also a winner for feature writing.

The lounge also features the lists of our Hall of Fame recipients, selected annually for their contributions to Denver journalism, as well as the legends, such as Mike Royko, David Halberstam and Molly Ivins, who have received our Damon Runyon award.

Move to the Fourth Estate Dining Room to see caricatures of dozens of current and past Club members, recognized by past presidents for their service to the organization. From Dean Singleton and John Temple, important benefactors during the club’s renovation, to past presidents like Mark Stutz, Mike McPhee, John Ensslin and Bruce Goldberg. (There are so many more I could name, and I apologize to all for their omissions here.)

The club is more than a monument to journalism, however. It’s a place to come together and celebrate its ideals. One of the secrets of the club is that you don’t need to be a working journalist to join — membership is for anyone who believes in what journalism means to democracy and society.

That’s why we say, so prominently, that the Press Club is “where conversations begin.” Journalism has played such a vital role in promoting dialogue in American history, to everyone’s benefit. The Press Club intends to continue to support journalism and journalists now, today, when we need that conversation more than ever.

Now, at the risk of burying the lede, I’m happy to announce that the new Denver Press Club website,, is officially launching, greatly expanding the club’s online reach. It features an all-new responsive design that is easier to navigate, especially on mobile devices. Our goal is to make the site a major marketing tool for the club by reaching out to event planners while providing members with a more valuable resource for using the club and learning about its rich history and traditions. It is an ongoing process, so visit the site often and feel free to offer any suggestions you have as to how we can improve it. Many, many thanks to member Nancy Clark and the Unleaded Group for generously donating the design and operation of the site. And read Nancy’s blog post (the first of many to come) to learn more about how the Denver Press Club website incorporates the latest in web design features.



Denver Press Club members,
I’d like to tell you about some important changes at the club.

Raines Guinn informed the board last week that he wishes to step down from his role as club manager. Raines’ involvement with the club dates back to his childhood, when he came in as a guest of his father, a Denver Post employee. Raines served as board treasurer from 2008 to 2015, when he became manager upon Carmen Green’s retirement. He has served in these two roles during a difficult time for the Club, and provided countless hours of volunteer support, including building maintenance tasks that few others could do. We thank him immensely for his dedication.

Bartender and events manager Jennifer Pullen is also leaving us. Jennifer elected last month to take an exciting hospitality job closer to her home in Boulder, an understandable decision given the commute involved to downtown Denver. We thank her for her service and her role in booking numerous charitable Guest Bartender events.

Raines and Jennifer will be here in the coming weeks to coordinate events that we’ve already booked, but our goal is to have replacements in place as summer turns to fall and we enter a busy events season. The board will be looking for a high-energy, creative manager with strong skills in booking new business and maximizing revenue.

If you know someone who may be interested in becoming an employee of the club on a full-time or part-time basis, please let me know at

Thanks again to all of you for your support of the Club.

David Milstead